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Celebrate Fastnacht with Kloby’s

On Tuesday the 17th, people all over the world will celebrate Fastnacht, including everyone at Kloby’s Smokehouse. To celebrate this fun holiday, Kloby’s will be offering a made from scratch bourbon donut.


So what is Fastnacht? This day is an annual Pennsylvania Dutch tradition that occurs before Ash Wednesday. The idea behind the day is to consume delicious foods before the start of the Lenten fast. Fastnachts, which are donuts, are baked three different ways and then consumed throughout the day. These three different recipes include one with baking powder, one with potatoes and yeast, and one with just yeast. In the Protestant and Catholic communities, Fastnacht is also known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Some countries in South America also relate the holiday to Carnival, which is a day of dancing and drinking. When the holiday first began, families used the richer foods within their home, such as lard, butter, and sugar, to create the donuts in order to rid their pantries of the luxurious ingredients. During the fasting of Lent, families were not allowed to consume such ingredients until the end of Easter.  These donuts were made in balls, squares, or triangles, and cut down the middle to allow butter or jelly to be added before eating.

In today’s society, many older individuals or those close to tradition still bake their own fastnachts and celebrate with their church or families. Younger individuals will now go out and purchase their donuts from local bakeries instead of doing the baking themselves.

Kloby’s Smokehouse is known for its great food and service in a casual dining atmosphere. Kloby’s serves up the best smoked Pulled Pork (served Carolina-Style), Beef Brisket, Ribs, Chicken and all of your favorite “made from scratch” sides. We pride ourselves with taking all of the time needed to BBQ all of our fresh meats in an all-natural hard wood pit to give you the best smoked, finger licking BBQ flavors you crave. No matter what occasion you decide to celebrate, be sure to celebrate the day at Kloby’s Smokehouse!

To learn more about our menu, or if you have any questions, call 301-362-1510 today!

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